Homegrown .NET CMS

It's been a long time coming, but I've rewritten the CMS behind WS in C#. I've been really lazy about doing anything with this site, but I'm hoping to change that. I've even given it a new look and feel.

On the plus side, the decision to back this with XML rather than a database served me well in the migration. The level of customization of XML serialization made it easy to retain the data (without changes) and concentrate on creating the .NET classes.

There will still need to be some legacy Classic ASP pages, but they will all serve as redirects to the corresponding .NET pages.

If nothing else, the advent of master pages makes using ASP.NET really easy to customize and keeps page-specific content relegated to the page itself.

Further, the use of on-demand iterator blocks makes it really easy to retrieve content while only generating objects I need.

If anyone is really interested in the code, feel free to email me.


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  • 1/22/2012 - Article published.